3 UK insurance perks you should ask your employer about.

Protection and insurance perks are becoming more and more popular. Employers benefit from better acquisition and retention of high quality staff. And employees benefit from savings, family cover, health cover and a general feeling of appreciation from their employer.

Health insurance for employees.

More and more people in the UK are turning to private healthcare. Health insurance ensures policy holders will get access to specialists quickly. Waiting times for operations and treatments will be massively reduced and often eradicated altogether. Employers will have the assurance that their staff will be looked after quickly when ill. And ultimately make it back to work sooner rather later.

Income protection for employees

Income protection is designed to help employees if they can’t work because they’re ill or injured. It ensures they continue to receive a regular income until they are able to return to work. This cover will obviously be of great benefit to the employee and their family. But it will also alleviate some pressure from the employer and the amounts they need to pay employees during a period of sickness.

Critical Illness Cover for employees

Critical Illness Cover offers employees protection in the case of a medical emergency. The cover is often extended to cover the employees spouse and family members. Employers benefit from knowing staff will be financially protected in the event of a critical illness.

What employees and employers can do today.

All of the above products and packages can be arranged by Newbridge. You can even get started online. Employers can talk to one of our financial professionals about cover for you and your staff.

Alternatively call: 01619132477 or start a LIVE chat.





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